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Northern Hills Homeowners Association

San Antonio, Texas

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Hello, Neighbors! - W E L C O M E

Last update March 22, 2023


Our boundaries are Thousand Oaks, Scarsdale, Stahl Road, Higgins Road, and Uhr lane.
Click here for the area map


The use of the word Homeowner's in our name does not exclude residents of Northern Hills that are not NH homeowners.

Membership in this association is open to all residents and sponsors of Northern Hills.

Dues are $50.00 per year. These funds are used for expenses related to the following items:

• Citizens On Patrol (COP) Program that helps keep us safe.
• Maintenence and beautification of all NH entrances.
• Maintenance of NHHA Website (
• NHHA Newsletter mailed to every NH address full of news, events and neighborhood information.
• Printing and mailing the many Northern Hills Newsletters and mailing to residential homes in Northern Hills.
• Representation at City Hall meetings to make sure our voice is heard on issues that affect Northern Hills.
• Representation on various City Boards and Northeast Neighborhood Alliance. Sponsorship of semi-annual neighborhood garage sales.
• Semi-annual clean-up days with brush and debris disposal trucks at theneighborhood pool parking lot.
• Code compliance and Covenants enforcement.
• As an HOA member, your graduating high school senior is eligible to apply for $1,000.00 Scholarship
• Organization of annual "Neighbors Together" event (Formerly National Night Out)
• Renting a Charter Bus to take Northern Hills residents to City Hall when required.
• Paying the utility expenses for lighting at entrances.
• Paying for occasional operational expenses.

Please send in your membership form today. You may also turn it in at any NHHA meeting or sign up through the www.MYNHHA.ORG website. Please incloude tyour email address and phone number on themembership form.

You can also login to your PayPal account and enter the NHHA email address Click on "Next" enter the amount $50, enter your physical and email address in thememo box, click continue to send payment. You can also download the Paypal app.                          Click Here for the NHHA Membership Form        Click Here to pay your annual NHHA dues

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, your membership is vital! This is aour neighborhood, and it is up to all of us to keep it safe, keep ourproperty values up, and to ensure Northern Hills srtays a great place to live. Please do your part by signing up today. For more information, please goto or Contact Carol Garza, Membership Secretary at 210-410-5254 (Text or call)


Deed restrictions are mandatory for all homes in our wonderful community.
Click here for Northern Hills Deed Restrictions.

NHHA is one of the strongest voluntary Homeowner's Associations in San Antonio. You can join online or renew your membership using the QR Code on the home page or you can print the membership form below, fill it out, enclose with a check for $50.00 and JOIN TODAY.

Click Here for our Membership Form
Our mailing address is: NHHA - PO Box 34792 - San Antonio, TX 78265-4792

Get informed, Get involved and Join Us in our effort to protect ourselves, our neighbors and our property!

DEAR RESIDENTS:    Ask Anyone you do business with to advertise on our newsletter.

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