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Northern Hills Homeowners Association

San Antonio, Texas

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Contact Information

Let us thank all our volunteers that now serve or have served this great community.

Let's ask our neighbors to join and volunteer! It's only $48 per year. That is $4 per month per home address.
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We welcome more volunteers. If you are willing to become an Area Rep.
Please contact Jan Kirby for more information about helping make Northern Hills a better place to live.
A new COP manager is badly needed to continue this valuable safety program. Please contact a board member for more information.

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Last Update Feb 14, 2018

Northern Hills Area Representatives
Jan Kirby, Area Chairperson, 210-656-5256Send email to ""
Area 1
Helen Fesler,    210-656-4644 Send email to ""

Area 2
Margo Mills    210-385-8626 Send email to ""
Area 3
Jean Stephens,    210-630-1982 Send email to ""
Area 4
Gail Gemlich,    210-422-4269 Send email to ""
Area 5
            Sonja Koenig,     210-316-0488
Area 6
Myra Pilant,    .......
Send email to ""
Area 7
            Volunteer needed    
Area 8
David & Jan Hadley    210-653-9387 Send email to ""
Area 9
Elizabeth Schultz-Blankenberg    210-912-1204 Send email to ""
Area 10
Mary Louise Bass,    210-646-6171
Marianne Shields,    210-465-9843
Send email to ""
Send email to ""

Area 11
Carol Garza,    210-637-1720 Send email to ""
President Ray Blankenberg,    210-422-3775 Send email to " "
Vice-President Mike Gallagher,    210-946-0190 Send email to ""
Recording SecretaryM. J. Barnes,    210-278-2662 Send email to ""
TreasurerKarl Millard,    210-967-9684 Send email to ""
Membership Secretary Gail Gemlich,    210-422-4269 Send email to ""
C.O.P. ManagerVolunteer needed,    ----------- Send email to ""
Covenant Compliance Committee Robert & Donna Gobert,    210-655-5360 Send email to ""
Advertising Manager Elizabeth Schultz-Blankenberg,    210-912-1204 Send email to ""
Area Reps ChairpersonJan Kirby,    210-656-5256 Send email to ""
Beautification ChairmanVolunteer needed,    ... Send email to ""
Airport Advisory Les Hobgood,    210-599-3583 Send email to ""
Newsletter CoordinatorJean Stevens,    210-630-1982 Send email to ""
Yard of the Month Clare Coleman,    210-590-1906 Send email to ""
Event Photographer Jan Kirby    210-656-5256 Send email to ""
SAFFE Officer Joshua Crumley,    210-207-5186 Noon to 800pm
SAFFE Office,   207-5109
Non-Emergency,    210-207-7273
Send email to ""
Garage Sale Day Kathy Green,    210-627-0153 Send email to ""
Clean Up Day Deborah Williamson,    210-827-0307 Send email to ""
Monday Night Dinner Jan Kirby,    210-656-5256 Send email to ""
Northern Hills Pool President Don Royder,    210-669-4924 Send email to ""
NHHA Scholarship Jan Hadley,    210-653-9387 Send email to ""
Street Repairs Volunteer needed,    - Send email to ""
Zoning Chairperson Volunteer Needed, Please help   -
Webmaster Ed Weitz,    210-822-7700 Send email to ""

   Send your attachments, photos, news events and site problems to .

Dear Volunteers: Thank you for your support of the Northern Hills Neighborhood

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