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Northern Hills Homeowners Association

San Antonio, Texas

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The free listings on this page are exclusively for active NHHA Members offering products or services to residents
Your membership is very much appreciated. Thank you.

For more information, please email "webmaster at". Last update June 5, 2017

  • Ed Weitz,    "Computer help & repairs by Microsoft certified technician",     210-822-7700,     email "ed at"

  • Ken Munir,    "Karaoke Parties",     210-496-5006     email "k.munir at"

  • Helen Fesler,    Piano Lessons,    210-656-4644

  • Paul Kissling,     "Paul Kissling Plumbing Co Inc",    210-599-3877

  • Ray Blankenberg, Realtor     "RB Realty",    210-422-3775 (Cell),     "RayBlankenberg at"

  • Robert Starr,   All-Starr Lawn and Pool Service,   210-449-7963    "robtx35 at"

  • Stephen Foster, Broker   "Boardwalk Property Management"     210-340-1717

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