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Northern Hills Homeowners Association

San Antonio, Texas

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Last update October 21, 2018

  • Saturday October 20 - Paper shred day at NH Pool parking lot from 11am - 2pm provided by Realtor

  • Monday October 22 - EARLY VOTING BEGINS - Please get informed and vote!

  • Monday October 22 - 5:15pm - Monday Night Dinner - Click Here for details

  • Tuesday November 13 - 7:00pm-8:00pm - NHHA Open Board Meeting at The Waterford

  • Monday November 19 - 7:00pm - Northeast Neighborhood Alliance meeting at the Tool Yard

  • Tuesday November 20 - 7:30pm - NH General Membership Meeting - Door prizes include one family of six Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Monday November 5th - 6:00pm-10:00pm - C.O.P. Training class at 13030 Jones-Maltsberger

  • Curbside pickup scheduled in December for brush only

  • Monday Dec 3 - NH Christmas Dinner - 530pm-800pm - $25pp for dinner, drink and dessert - Silent Auction


Click Here for our fantastic quarterly NORTHERN HILLS NEWSLETTER


If you have recently moved into Northern Hills and have not received a Welcome Packet,
Please call your Area Rep. So that you can have one delivered to you.

Emergency Services

For all emergencies, please call 911. For non-emergencies, please call the department's non-emergency line.
Police Non Emergency Number 207-7273 (SAPD), Please report suspicious activity here.

San Antonio Fire Department: 210.207.7744

San Antonio Police Department: 210.207.7273

Welcome to all residents

Please send your email address ro cell number to our webmaster so you can receive notices of any information of value to you as a resident of Northern Hills.

We appreciate our members, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Report anything suspicious to 207-SAPD. Please join our C.O.P. program. We encourage video surveillance. Dog walkers are especially encouraged to attend the COP class to learn what to report to police. All residents and advertisers are invited to enjoy added benefits of NHHA membership. You are strongly encouraged to mail your $48 annual dues TODAY to NHHA, PO Box 34792, San Antonio, TX 78265-4792 Email information or suggestions to the "webmaster at"

Please send YOUR email address to the "webmaster at" to receive important information!

Thanks to all of you that stay active in supporting our community.

You can count on us at NHHA. Can we count on you to do your part with your annual dues?

Since ALL RESIDENTS receive the benefits of the Northern Hills Neighborhood Association; We ALL need to mail our $48.00 annual membership payment to PO Box 34792, San Antonio, TX 78265-4792. For more information about membership, contact Gail Gemlich by email. Her email address is "membership at". Thank you very much!

Citizens on Patrol - C.O.P. - Northern Hills Neighbors - Call for volunteers!

If you live in Northern Hills, then you know what a great neighborhood we have; please consider helping to keep it that way by joining our fabulous Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) program. We especially need folks to patrol weekend nights.

To become a member of C.O.P. just attend a one time, no cost training class at the SAPD substation at 13030 Jones-Maltsberger, see schedule below. This is the 21st year of our C.O.P. program, please join and help us to continue keeping our neighborhood safe.

Upcoming C.O.P. classes are listed on the home page - "Calender of Events".

Please call or email with name and phone number to get more information or confirm attendance.
Officer Dave McDonald #0216
13030 Jones-Maltsberger
Office: 210-207-6086

Northeast Substation Citizens on Patrol classes are a one-time four hour class. Please bring a photo ID when attending. All necessary applications will be filled out at the beginning of each class and photos will be taken for a complimentary C.O.P. ID card.

If you have any other questions, please contact SAPD Officer Dave McDonald at 210-207-6086 at the North Substation located at 12030 Jones Maltzberger

A new COP management team is now being trained to continue this valuable safety program in Northern Hills. Please contact a board member for more information.

Upcoming COP classes are scheduled as follows:

  • November 5th Monday 6:00pm-10:00pm 13030 Jones-Maltsberger
  • December no classes scheduled

Cellular on Patrol (C.O.P):
Get involved in neighbors looking out for neighbors. Volunteers are trained by SAPD to look and report suspicious activity. Click here for more information

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Northest Neighborhood Alliance (NNA):

Do you want to know more about the Northeast Corridor Business Alliance? - Click Here

Do you want to know more about the new sidewak program? -Click Here

Please attend the next meeting of the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance (NNA) at the Northeast Service Center,
10303 Tool Yard, located on the south side of Wurzbach Pkwy between Perrin Beitel & Thousand Oaks.

Upcoming Northeast Neighborhood Alliance (NNA) meetings:

I hope to see you all at our District 10 Community Meetings at the Tool Yard.

All are welcome at the District 10 meetings at the Tool Yard.

Here is your chance to learn about the latest issues affecting your neighborhood. Meet the 2015-2016 Board of Directors.
Get the latest news from our District 10 City Councilman.
Hear updates on the progress for the Northeast Senior Center located at the entrance to Northern Hills. Hear about the neighborhood association's plans for programs and projects for 2015.

Please let your neighbors know about these important meetings.

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Help reduce strangers in our neighborhood and reduce the handbills and flyers on your doorstep.
Place a "NO SOLICITING" sign on your door.

This will make the neighborhood cleaner, safer and likely increase advertising in the newsletter and on the neighborhood website
Please contact your SAFFE officer if you receive solicitations or phone 311.

Call 311 if you see "bandit" signs displayed in Northern Hills.
Click here for the updated flyer on handbills.

Gerald Roebuck, Code Enforcement Supervisor
City of San Antonio, Code Enforcement Services Department
Phone (210) 215-1737 - Fax (210) 207-7914

San Antonio has a Recycling Center!

Do you have an old computer, TV, or perhaps those foam packaging peanuts you would like to get rid of, but they don't go in your blue recycling can? Well now there is a place to recycle these items and others including prescription bottles and metals. In a 98,000 sq ft warehouse of I-35 near Splashtown,

Logistix has opened a one stop recycling center, where you'll be able to drop off things the city won't take at the curb.

Their paper shredders actually grind the paper instead of slicing it into strips. This is more secure and they then turn it into tissue paper. Logistix accepts the electronics, recyclables and paper for shredding from the public free of charge, and in some cases pay for it.

They will have a drop off area for the public to come and drop off their items. The Logistix Recycling center opened in November. You can find it at 1949 Hormel Drive. If you have any questions, call them at 210.732.5246 or check

Helpful information about recycling - Remember to "Bag in Brown, Recycle in Blue, It's Easy to do."

Avoid placing diapers and other garbage in the blue recycle container. Fines are being assessed thru random curb checks.
Yes to plastic bottles, but not the bottle caps,
Yes to paper drink cups and plastic lids, but not plastic straws,
Yes to paper and cardboard but not packing material, popcorn or peanuts used for packing,
Yes to newspapers, but not waxed paper or wax coated packaging, wax covered drink cups or snack chip bags.,
Yes to steel and aluminum cans but not steel coat hangers, batteries, electronic gadgets or paint in cans.
Yes to glass bottles and jars, but not to plastic shopping bags from grocery stores (return bags to store).
Yes to milk cartons.

Go to, Solid Waste, Trash pickup for more information

Call 311 for more information

San Antonio Waste Management provides curbside pickup

Brush-only pickup in our area is February and August. DO NOT place bulky items in your brush pile.

Curbside pickup of Bulky items-only is approximately every six months.
Example of bulky items: Furniture, mattresses, appliances, barbeque grills, water heaters, fencing, passenger car tires (limit 6) and small pieces of carpeting. The maximum is 8 cubic yards. Construction materials are not accepted. No brush is allowed during this collection. Do not place in front of parked cars or other obstructions.

Bulky items -
Click here for more information

Hazardous materials drop off - Click here for information

WARNING: DO NOT place brush materials out for collection unless you have received a notice from the City notifying you that brush collection will be provided in your area.

Remember that you can take your brush, bulky items, and hazardous materials to specific locations at specific times. See the website links above.

Attention All Residents:
  • Please send webmaster your current email address to receive important neighborhood notices and invitations.
  • Do you have a business? Tell your neighbors about it. List it here today!
  • Get Free "NH" Window Sticker(s) for your vehicles and help police improve neighborhood security.
  • Please join the NH neighborhood association - Only $48/yr     Click Here for the NHHA Membership Form
  • Please volunteer for Cellular on Patrol (C.O.P.) - Contact Jonna at 656-5765 or email "COP-Rep at""
  • Report suspicious persons and vehicles. That provides police a way to ask for identification.
  • Please check with for changes for trash and recycle pickup during the holidays. <
  • Please join the Northern Hills Neighborhood Association - Only $48 per year
    The membership form is available here or Contact Gail Gemlich at 422-4269. Her email is "Membership at"

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Get together with your neighbors for some good Mexican food at Los Generales - 5:30 pm - Monday Oct 22. Los Generales is located on Nacogdoches, north of Judson.


If you know of anyone who might like to join us, please let me know so they can get an email invitation for the next Monday venue.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order) of our favorite restaurants we visit regularly and plan to revisit:

  •   410 DINER on Broadway south of Loop 410 - Very similar to Checkers.
  •   THE BARBEQUE STATION - on the rights side ot the Loop 410 feeder from Nacogdoches to Harry Wurzbach
  •  *DELICIOUS GARDEN on NE Loop 1604 at Redland Rd, great service and great asian cuisine, 210-490-3399,
  •   EDDIE'S TACO HOUSE on Thousand Oaks just west of Wetmore - Great frozen margaritas!
  •   GRADY's BBQ on Wetmore Rd just past Thousand Oaks - .99 Margaritas!
  •   LONGHORN CAFE behind Walmart on Thousand Oaks the same side as Nacogdoches - Affordable, great food and service.
  •  *LOS GENERALES on Nacogdoches near Toepperwein Rd - Tex-Mex & Margaritas
  •   PESTO'S ITALIAN GRILL on Judson near Stahl Rd
  •   POMPEII ITALIAN RESTAURANT on Nacogdoches past Judson Rd on left going out. Excellent food and service!
  •  *PUERTO VALLARTA on Perrin Beitel at Naco Perrin - Cajun Seafood
  •    SAUSALITO'S MEXICAN GRILL at 14535 Nacogdoches Rd - Tex-Mex & Margaritas
  •   TIU STEPPIS is is on Bulverde next to LA Fitness. Italian food and happy hour beverages.

Please give me some feedback that can help with future events. If anyone knows of someone who would like to be an area representative - please contact me!
We are hopeful that this free advertising will encourage these restaurants to support our association by purchasing advertising in our newsletter and website.
Please support our sponsors marked with a * They support us with their advertising resources.

Attention Restaurant Patrons:
Please share your recent dining experiences with the webmaster. We invite restaurants to support NHHA thru advertising.
For Quarterly Newsletter Ads, email "newsletter at" For Website Ads, email "webmaster at" or 210-822-7700

Northern Hills life just keeps getting better and better.


All homeowners and residents are warmly encouraged to join the NHHA.    We think we are the largest and strongest neighborhood association in San Antonio.   Our boundaries are Thousand Oaks, Scarsdale, Stahl Road, Higgins Road, and Uhr lane.  

Gail Gemlich is our Membership Secretary. Call her at 210-422-4269 or send an email to ""

Northern Hills Homeowners Association has been cited countless times by San Antonio city and county leaders as an example of what a neighborhood association should be, and we are very proud to be acknowledged in this way. As membership increases, we all benefit by remaining a strong active and exemplary neighborhood. All homeowners and tenants are encouraged to join and support the activities of the NHHA.

Our annual dues are only $48.00 per year! For this minimal investment you receive:

  • A Recognized Citizens On Patrol (COPS) program keeping our neighborhood safer.
  • As a resident/association member, your high school senior is eligible to apply for a $1000 scholarship.
  • A quarterly newsletter full of Neighborhood news.
  • Beautification & maintenance of all NH entrances.
  • Sponsorship of semi-annual garage sales and neighborhood clean-ups.
  • Sponsorship of National Night Out.
  • Representation at City Hall meetings.
  • Active residents who serve on the Zoning Committee, Board of Adjustment, and District 10 Alliance
  • Our own website:

Whether you are a home owner or tenant, your membership is appreciated! Let us join together to keep Northern Hills safe, our property values up and continue to be a great place to live.

Sign Up Today!!! Only $48.00 per year!! Add your support to the growing Northern Hills Homeowners Assn.

Membership Chair     Click for Membership Form

    Cellular on Patrol
    Yard of the Month
    Area Representative
    News and photos
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Are you new to Northern Hills?
If you have recently become a resident of Northern Hills and would like a welcome packet, please call Jan Kirby at 656-5256.

Helpful information for new residents

Garbage Collection: Thursday Brown (trash) cart (For holiday service check
Recycling Collection: Monday Blue (recycle) cart
School District: - Phone 804-7025
Northern Hills Elementary School - 13901 Higgins Road-650-1475
Driscoll Middle School - 17150 Jones Maltsberger - Phone 491-6450
Madison High School - 5005 Stahl Road - Phone 637-4400
District 10 City Councilman - Mike Gallagher - Phone 946-0190
            (1) 4618 Thousand Oaks at El Sendero - Phone 657-5205
            (2) 15060 Judson Road - Semmes Branch - Phone 650-9540

Please join the Northern Hills Homeowners Association?

You are strongly encouraged to join the homeowners association by completing the Membership Form. Send an e-mail to Membership Chairman

Please Join and Volunteer today! We would love to have you join our friendly and valuable group. After completing the membership information, to volunteer simply choose your area of interest at the lower portion of the application.

Area Representative
Volunteer in welcoming new residents and informing neighbors of association meetings. Call Jan Kirby, 656-5256.

News and Photos for the website
We need your stories, pictures and ideas for the website which is your website! It is the only website support by and endorsed by the NHHA.
Share your good news with your neighbors; send an email (preferably in MS Word Document 97/2003 format) as you want it to appear; to the webmaster.

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Our Website History

This web site started as a means for opposing the SA Airport's FAR 150 update proposal that suggested that heavy air traffic be re-directed 15 degrees to fly "over the Cement Plant".     The only problem with that solution is that WE are on the Other side of that Cement Plant. Although the FAA rejected that plan in 2001, in March of 2004 the Northern Hills Homeowner's Association has learned that the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) proposed the Airport still include the 15 degree turn. In February of 2005, we were notified that were successful getting the 15 degree turn removed from the EIS.

All residents are strongly encouraged to join NHHA.

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