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Northern Hills Homeowners Association

San Antonio, Texas

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Your sponsorship advertising with NHHA is most appreciated.
Last update Feb 2, 2019

Northern Hills has approximately 5,000 persons living in approximately 1,763 homes. Many of us need your services. Our website and newsletter are the most cost effective ways to reach our residents. We encourage advertisers to join NHHA. This is a great time to get started!

NHHA membership is $48 per year. Advertisers, Residents and Homeowners find value in NHHA membership. Our current sponsors will tell you that our website and newsletter can help you grow your business. Your information will be continuously available online after you place an ad on our popular website. The website is smartphone and mobile device friendly.

Website advertising:

For more information on the website: Send an email to the webmaster "" or phone Ed at 210-822-7700 10-5, Mon-Fri

Newsletter advertising:

For more information on advertising: Send an email to

Please join NHHA

We need you all! Membership has benefits. Your annual donation of only $48 goes a long way to support this great neighborhood. Residents already enjoy the benefits of membership so step forward and mail your payment today.
By the way; did you know that members get a free business listing on the "Members serving Residents" web page?

Be a Sponsor of NHHA

List your business on our neighborhood website today - It's eazy! For more information, Send email to the webmaster "" today!
The website leaderboard ad found on top of the home page is $250 annually in advance or $75 quarterly for members. Non members leaderboard ads are $375 annually or $85 quarterly.

The newsletter half page ad for members is $75.00 per quarterly issue for members. $85 for non-NHHA members rate per quarter.

NHHA membership is only $48 per year. For more information, Send email to the webmaster "" today!

Contact Ed Weitz, the webmaster at 210-822-7700.
The mailing address for your check for $48 per year membership is Northern Hills Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 34792, San Antonio, TX 78265-4792.

If needed, our webmaster, will create your ad for a modest fee. For more information, you can usually reach Ed, our webmaster between 10:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday at 210-822-7700.

NOTE: The NHHA reserves the right to approve all advertising. Ads must be appropriate to the majority of residents of Northern HIlls. The NHHA does not endorse, nor is it responsible for any resident or any home service provider's actions. NHHA does not accept political or inappropriate advertising as determined by the NHHA board members.

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In order to keep our newsletter interesting, I propose the following guidelines for submissions. These guidelines are for anyone who wants to publish in our newsletter.

Font size: 10
Font: Times New Roman
Single spaced
2 paragraphs
150 words maximum
Pictures must have names of persons
Head shots are best
Submit NO LATER than deadline

I can crop pictures and do write-ups if I have the correct information in plenty of time.

Simply pay for one year in advance. We encourage you offer a discount coupon to measure value of our effort for your business.

Email ad copy to the newsletter editor.

The best practices for submitting content for publishing is to email webmaster your MS Word documents, Graphics in JPG or JIF, Photos size 1024 x 768, PDF files 1MB or less.

For more information: Send email to the webmaster ""


220x170 SAMPLE SMALL BOX AD - Runs from 35 to 51 cents per day.

300x225 SAMPLE LARGE BOX AD - Runs from 58 to 83 cents per day.

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